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Veranstaltung: Unseen Westeros in Berlin

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Erstellt von TheFallenAngel , 25 Sep 2018

Veranstaltungszeitpunkt: 23 Jan 2019 bis 27 Jan 2019 08:00 - 18:00 (Mehrtägige Veranstaltung)


Unseen Westeros is a cool exhibition in Berlin for GAME OF THRONES and SONG OF ICE AND FIRE fans

Some of the concept artists from HBO's Game of Thrones have put together a new exhibition showcasing 50 locations from the wider world of Westeros and Essos that haven't appeared in the TV show (and, in some cases, the books).

The exhibition runs from 23-27 January 2019 at the Umspannwerk Reinickendorf in Berlin. The exhibition is free, but the organisers are running a Kickstarter to assist with covering costs.



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