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Serious Trouble at the InterNova Editorial Office. A Dramatic Dialogue

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#1 Gast_Michael Iwoleit_*

Gast_Michael Iwoleit_*
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Geschrieben 14 October 2010 - 00:32

- Hi Sven

- Hi Michael

- Say, did you see Guy?

- What guy?

- Not what guy. Simply Guy. You know, the one from Tel Aviv.

- Oh, I understand. I think he's just uploaded himself.

- Again?

- Well, he likes it.

- There are always these annoying bugs when he's coming back.

- I guess we're not in the position to tell him what to do in his spare time.

- Surely not. Maybe Richard is around?

- Oh, no. No. He's hiding.

- From what?

- Ah, you know, the girls.

- Shit, this guy is simply looking too good for his own good.

- What Guy?

- Forget it. What about Tabi?

- She's in Mexico. Swimming in the ocean and dancing and singing with her sexy friends.

- Oh yeah. I know there's always a problem even with the nicest woman.

- She's a born Mexican. It's in her blood. You can't blame her.

- Let me think... But Sergio must be around on a Wednesday evening. He is a wise man, a little older, you know.

- No, he's in his time capsule. Back in the 19th century, discussing some things with Schopenhauer and Nietzsche.
You know, Friedrich is rather fucked up at the moment. Writing a strange new book. "Why I'm so smart", "Why I'm
so wise" and shit like that. Wonder if he ever gets better.

- Oh, the hell. What do we pay them all for?

- We don't pay them.

- You're right. You're right.

- In fact, Lavie sent twelve bottles of French red wine yesterday. On his own account. For you to calm down
a little, you know.

- That's nice. But he knows that I don't drink.

- You do. I can smell it from here.

- It's not my smell of alcohol, it's yours.

- If you say so. Wait a minute...

- What?

- I think Claudia is next door. Playing with her band "I was born for loving you, baby". Maybe I should ask
her to come over, if she's serious with it.

- Oh, that's the noise all the time.

- It's no noise, you ignorant. She's great. I love her singing.

- I don't doubt it.

- Maybe I can help you

- Not with 1.4 per mille.

- 0.8. At most. What's all the fuss about anyway?

- I need someone to help me sort some things out. What's with Aleksandar?

- He is out in the park, listening to the birds and drawing some sketches. I think he even met a nice
woman yesterday.

- That's great news. That lucky guy.

- Why do you always blame Guy?

- But somebody must be around. Just one single soul.

- Of course there is. But there's a problem...

- Tell me.

- I would prefer not to.

- Talk, young Padawan.

- Well, it's...

- Who?

- It's Frank.

- And?

- Well, he...

- What?

- He has dyed his hair black. You know what that means.

- No, not that Latin lover stunt again. I thought we hade driven that out of him.

- You know how he is.

- Yes, I do. Well, if fate has decided I will do it all alone.

- And what? What's so important?

- I wanted to select the new carpets for our library. I simply can't decide whether to order a
Penrose pattern or a classic Escher sketch.

- That's a tough one indeed.

- I'll find a way. What else can I do?

- Don't get depressive again. Take your pills.

- No. Bring me two bottles of the French red wine.

- Right away.

- And a drinking straw. I want to get drunk like a maniac.

- Now it's getting serious.

- By the way, where's Eric?

- On Mars. Researching for his new H.G. Wellsian story.

- I almost forgot. Give him my best wishes.

- I can get him online for you. As a hologram, you know.

- No, please. He always looks... well, somewhat inflated when on Mars. He's such a nice man. I don't like
to see him this way. Just greet him.

- I will.

- And off you go.

- Eh, yes. Just a minute.

- Take your time.

#2 fictionality



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Geschrieben 14 October 2010 - 10:45


- Hey boys!

- Hey Sven!

- Do you want to link?

- Link what?

- My mouth-site to the bottle-site.

- You mean "Do you want to drink"?

- A possible interpretation.

- No, rather not.

- You drink too much.

- But without I have to die.

- Maybe we could freeze your brain.

- That would be great.

(whispering) - Then he can't write any more. (giggling)

- What?

- Oh, nothing. Just go on.

#3 yiyippeeyippeeyay



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Geschrieben 28 September 2011 - 13:18

"It's in her blood." O dear! Scientific romanticism? :D (Only discovered the thread now... I like spending time with the new NOVA forum header (above)... :P)

/KB (blokkt auch auf dt.)

Yay! SF-Dialog im November...

V.: Also, Schoch, woher hast du das?

S.: Es war plötzlich an meinem Schlafplatz.

V.: Wo schläfst du?

S.: [..] In einer Höhle an der Limmat.

V.: Hm.

S.: Es leuchtet im Dunkeln.

V.: (amüsiert) Würde mich nicht wundern.

(Elefantenfinder vs. baffer Ärztin, aus Elefant, Diogenes Verlag, Sn. 104/105, von Suter)


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