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#1 Gast_Jorge_*

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Geschrieben 22 June 2018 - 22:09




Spielfilmversion des gleichnamigen Kurzfilms




Läuft auf dem diesjährigen Fantasyfilmfest

#2 quanat



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Geschrieben 26 July 2018 - 10:11

Jetzt auch mit Space-Anteil



Variety schreibt am 10.3.2018: "Though the narrative is small and the stakes are low, it all feels like part of a bigger universe. If anything, this is what the standalone “Star Wars” movies should feel like."




Und Slashfilm meint am 13.3.2018: "It certainly helps that Prospect looks fantastic. The battered spaceships. The weathered spacesuits. The weaponry that looks like it’s descended from tech both ancient and futuristic. It clashes, by design, with the untouched alien world on which the movie is set, a forest rewritten as something hostile and unknowable thanks to minor touches rather than expansive CGI. This is a low-budget film, but it never looks cheap. It’s a small film, but it never feels compromised. Prospect is the kind of science fiction movie we need to see more often, told by filmmakers who don’t allow the vastness of their vision to get beaten down by the scope they’re able to work within. It’s an enthralling tale of trust, survival and redemption set in a universe that demands additional exploration. I don’t need a Prospect sequel. It stands alone. [ .... ]"



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#3 Gast_Jorge_*

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Geschrieben 24 July 2019 - 22:52

Ab 26.07.2019 als DVD / Blu-ray erhältlich

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